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• 9/23/2018

Holden sandman airbrush painting. Mad max 1979 version

It mentions the airbrush art was completed on one side and the other wasn't shown because of that. When Max's wife is Running from the toe cutter after kicking his sprockets she's in the car doing doughnuts trying to escape you can see the other side of the car where there's no art.
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• 7/20/2018
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• 7/6/2018

unkown vehicle in the armada

I was watching the movie again and saw a vehicle that looks a little like a sandblasted land rover 'perentie' or a Lamborghini lm001/cheetah.
any help on the subject is much obliged.
it is in the middle right in front of the mack hauler
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• 6/14/2018

I saw this vehicle in the movie but could not figure out what it is.

I was watching through MMF and found this vehicle but could not figure out what it was

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• 6/1/2018
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• 7/7/2018

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• 6/3/2017

Tom hardys character origin

Well it probably make things complicated, but hear me out. Fury road sequel could be about mad max ( played by Gibson) raising a child which child is tom hardys character and after Gibsons death Tom Hardys character would follwo his fathers footsteps. Also it could explain the flash backs that Tom Hardys mad max has on fury road. But this plot in my opinion would made me think less of Tom Hardys character as mad max. Maybe this plt would be cool onn a comic or TV series.
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• 5/29/2017

The Bigfoot

I was wondering why the Bigfoot, Rictus Erectus' personal vehicle, doesn't have a page?
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• 3/27/2017

Check this
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• 11/28/2016

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• 10/16/2016

Naming Characters

I've suddenly got the urge to make Mad Max Fanfics, but I'm trying to understand Fury Road's universe a bit better.
In short: any idea of what the concept is behind naming characters? If anything I've from the wives, they seem to name themselves after traits, skills or features. Is that how the universe works with naming?
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• 10/9/2016

Mad Max Comics

I could swear these were a thing but I simply cannot find any information anywhere they even expanded the lore a bit of the orginial franchise.  Does anyone have any information on them?
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• 10/8/2016

Who are this dudes?

Hello! I'm new to Mad Max and wanted to know how these creepy dudes on stalks in Fury Road are named. On my DVD, they appear at 1:11:47.
Would you tell me the name or even link the page, please? Thanks!
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• 2/18/2016

My Idea for Mad Max: The Wasteland

my idea is set literally were Fury Road left off with Max walking out of Watertown back into the wasteland taking one of the water boys cars and driving off. He then finds himself in a city this is strange because cities are now rare in this world anyway when in there he makes truce with this Gollum like guy and he finds out that on this city there are three factions at war with each other. The Circus men of Fairtown who look like Circus Preformers and the usual crazies you see in the mad max world. Then there is the people of the Mines who kidnap children and force them to work in there mine led by the grandson of the Lord Humongous (played by Hugh Jackman) who are also revealed to be Vampires. and the RailRoad People who are a hand full of people who have not lost there minds and are good people now max must help the railroad people and a small group of Neutral Wastelanders take down the Circus men and the people of the mines. George miller does not have to take this idea bu this is just my idea this would be like fury road non stop action packed but also be like the revenant big in scale.
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• 2/10/2016

Video game information on Movie pages

Please do not add video game information to movie pages unless it's in the form of trivia.
This especially applies to vehicle pages that recently have been edited to include video game vehicles in them. Video game vehicle information does not belong on the movie vehicle pages! Please create a separate video game vehicle list where all the information about those cars can be kept.
The same thing applies to other pages where people are mixing and sometimes even deleting (!!) movie information to replace it with barely any information from the video game counterparts. Keep those things separate please or include the video game information as trivia on the movie pages. I do not want to ban any more users who want to contribute information but insist on merging or replacing movie information with video game stuff.
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• 12/22/2015

What about two post apocalyptic franchises merge?

I am talking about Mad Max and Terminator. Not that difficult, as their events occur in two different continents. What if a Skynet scouting unit lands in Australia and try to take over land by fighting and bribeing? It could be also the opposite, John Conor's scouters in search for survivors
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• 11/18/2015
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• 10/2/2015

Anything new on mad max the wasteland

Hope its even better than fury road
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• 9/24/2015

Fury Road Prequel?

On max's back is tattoed "Day 12045" Does this could mean this many years after the apocalypse or hold old max is?
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• 8/30/2015

Who do you think played a better Max?

Mel Gibson? or Tom Hardy?
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