"Why can't you stop? What have you done?!"

– The Ace


Ace was a War Boy assigned to help protect the War Rig on its way to the Bullet Farm and Gas Town to pick up supplies for The Citadel, but was taken along on Imperator Furiosa's detour to The Green Place.

A worker for Furiosa, Ace often referred to her as "boss" and seemed to have been in charge of the War Boys occupying the War Rig and also relaying Furiosa's orders to the rest of the convoy. The Ace mostly did not disobey orders until he finally decided to question Furiosa and attempt to stop the War Rig once the convoy was headed into the sand storm.


The Ace appeared to be the oldest of the War Boys which made him the crew lead protecting the War Rig.

His body showed several deformities, including his right lower lip, multiple neck lumps, and a crooked nose. His body was also decorated with various scarifications, most notably flame scarifications on his arms and wrench scarifications on his collar bones. Aside from the standard white powder on his skin, his forehead and the top of his head is smeared with black grease more extensively than the other War Boys on his crew. His hands are also covered in the black grease. He sported a peculiar set of goggles, which resembled half swimming goggles and oldfashioned anti-nuclear blast protection goggles. He also carried his weapon at all times - a grenade launcher slung around his shoulder that he utilized against The Buzzards in a maneuver closely coordinated with Furiosa.


The Ace was played by a former SAS soldier - Jon Iles. Jon was originally hired as part of the security crew, but his mannerisms were noticed by the movie makers and he was given a speaking role. After shooting the scenes, Jon would still perform his duty, patrolling the set as the head of security. He is credited as Warfare and Weapons Advisor.

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