Bearclaw mohawk

Bearclaw Mohawk was a member of Lord Humungus' Marauders. He was portrayed by Guy Norris in Mad Max 2.


Bearclaw Mohawk was a vicious member of the Lord Humungus' marauders, striking fear into his victims with a set of sharpened hand claws and tribal mask.

Original script

In the original script the Bearclaw Mohawk played a semi-prominent role in the unfolding of final events of the movie. Originally Bearclaw Mohawk would lose his arm in the truck crash scene. His claw hand equipped with a mini crossbow was supposed to be later used by Max to shoot Wez in the head as he was speeding off in the distance in Humungus' machine with the Feral Kid hanging from it upside down. The change in the script was most most likely due to gory and dangerous aspects of those scenes but the significance of Bearclaw Mohawk is still faintly visible in the film.