Black Mask is a member of the Pole Cats. He is portrayed by Darren Mitchell in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Black Mask was seen during the final road war of the film, when he and the other Pole Cats attacked the War Rig. He is seen jumping behind the tractor unit and quickly putting down one of the members of the Vuvalini of Many Mothers before shooting an arrow at Max, which went through his left hand and into his forehead, temporarily knocking him unconcious. He then attempted to shoot another arrow at Furiosa, but she counter-attacked by throwing the hidden dagger disguised as a bone gear stick knob into his shoulder, then the Vuvalini Mother he previously punched down grabbed him from behind and tossed him out of the War Rig.

However Black Mask avoided the fall by clinging beneath the tractor unit of the War Rig. While Max and the others were occupied fighting the rest of the Pole Cats that were attacking the vehicle, Black Mask took out the dagger from his body and used it to mortally wound Furiosa by stabbing her deeply into the hip once he sneaked back into the cab. The Keeper of the Seeds shoved a bullet into Black Mask's right eye before The Dag kicked him out of the War Rig and presumably to his death.

Despite the critical wound Black Mask subjected Furiosa to, she still managed to get her revenge on Immortan Joe and she was later healed by Max, who gave her a blood transfusion.

Appearance and Personality

Showing impressive toughness when wounded, fighting skills and sight, Black Mask demonstrates to be the deadliest and most efficent of the Pole Cats. He fights like an implacable warrior, but he can also take the enemy by surprise with the firmness a silent killer. Like the other Pole Cats, Black Mask is clad in dark, dirty rags and wears pads protecting only certain parts of his body, but what characterizes him is the headpiece, as he hides his bright red-skinned face (either scarred or diseased) behind a black hockey goalie mask and wears a headgear with a baby doll head attached on the back, which he presumably put there with the intention of giving the impression that he can see from behind.


The character of Black Mask could be a callback to the villains of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, as he sports a hockey mask like Lord Humungus and has an arm crossbow like Wez.


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