Feral kid boomerang

Feral Kid and his boomerang

Boomerangs were projectile weapons used in The Wasteland.


A once widespread tool used by the indigenous Australians for hunting and recreation, the boomerang has proved its worth following the collapse of western civilization.

One notable user of the boomerang was the Feral Kid. His returning boomerang was made of chrome and was notably weighty, having the ability to embed itself in the skull of a victim. One such victim was a member of Lord Humungus' Marauders - The Golden Youth - who consequently suffered extensive head trauma and death.

Its metallic edges were also razor sharp and could easily slice off a victim's appendages; Lord Humungus' crier/emcee - The Toadie - suffered this fate after attempting to catch the boomerang in mid-flight.

The boomerang appears in the 2015 video game as a DLC hood ornament. It can't be used as a weapon.