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We're here to meet a friend. Comin' on the train.

– Bubba Zanetti

Bubba Zanetti was a member of Toecutter's merciless and psychotic motorcycle gang in George Miller's Mad Max. He is portrayed by Australian actor, Geoff Parry (b. 1953).


Not much is revealed about Bubba's history prior to his membership in Toecutter's gang. He appears to be Toecutter's second in command and clearly dislikes playing babysitter to Johnny the Boy. Bubba's character is quiet and serious, which lends to his intimidating stature. He seems to prefer ranged weapons and is shown shooting Max in the knee, and does not directly participate in most of the melee violence inflicted by the gang. He does however run over Max's arm after shooting him in the leg, inflicting the serious injuries which are still evident in Mad Max 2 and beyond, causing Max to have to wear a leg brace in all future films. Bubba meets his demise at the end of Max's sawed-off shotgun when he incorrectly thinks Max is incapacitated and tries to run him over again.


Bubba's costume consists of a black oil-skin jacket (replica of the MFP jacket with no shoulder caps) with elbow patches, and black oil-skin trousers with knee-pads. When riding he wears a wide elastic kidney-belt over his jacket and a silver full-faced helmet. Under his jacket he wears a tight, black tee-shirt (possibly a woman's) and a beaded necklace. His gloves are brown leather, possibly Hondaline. [2]

Bubba is a very good shooter with a pistol, hitting Max at long range with one shot. He is seen using both a Smith & Wesson Model 28 .357 magnum revolver and a pre-WWII Mauser C96 Broomhandle.


  • Geoff Parry worked with Mel Gibson again in Peter Weir's Gallipoli in 1981.
  • He inspired the villain Vile from the videogame Mega Man X[citation needed], however, Vile resembles Boba Fett from Star Wars.
  • Geoff's family refers to him affectionately by his nickname: "Bubba."