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The following category groups all characters who were killed by Max Rockatansky.


In Mad Max: Nightrider, Bubba Zanetti, Toecutter and likely Johnny the Boy all owe their demise to Max. Mudguts, Starbuck, Diabando and Clunk were possibly also killed at his hands. 

In Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior) the death toll attributed to Max includes: Wez, Lord Humungus, Toadie ( indirectly), Bear Claw Mohawker, grinning Mohawker, and various other smegma crazies and gayboy beserkers.

In Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome his kills drop drastically - just Ironbar Bassie dies at his hands, or should we say under his wheels.

In Mad Max: Fury Road Max takes out various Rock Sliders, Pole Cats, War Boys, The Bullet Farmer and inadvertently kills The People Eater, by using him as a human shield.

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