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Boy, we're really going to get it this time. He had his indicator on.

– Charlie

Charlie was one of the MFP officers. Along with Roop, he commandeered the "The Big Bopper" one of the MFP patrol vehicles. He was portrayed by John Ley in Mad Max.


During the pursuit of the Nightrider, Charlie and Roop crash "The Big Bopper" into a towed civilian caravan, totaling the car. During the collision, Charlie is hit in the throat with a saucepan resulting in severe damage to his larynx and an inability to thereafter speak naturally. He later uses a speaking-aid device held to his throat (an electrolarynx) to amplify his voice.

Charlie seems to hold basic religious beliefs: in the opening scene of the first Mad Max film, when Roop tells him to get out of the driver's seat of their patrol car and curses, Charlie tells Roop he's speaking blasphemously and that he shouldn't have to work with a blasphemer.

According to the revised timeline presented in 2015 Mad Max prequel comic books, him, along with Roop and the other MFP members became Marauders after the Apocalypse. The crew attacked The People Eater's tribe before he was spotted by Colonel Joe Moore.


"You'd better send a meat truck, Charlie's copped a saucepan in the throat."