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Cheedo the Fragile (known as Cheedo or Fragile for short) is the youngest of Immortan Joe's five wives. She is portrayed by Courtney Eaton.[1]


Like the rest of the wives not much is known about Cheedo's life prior to being one of Joe's wives. Unlike the rest of the wives, she is a virgin and was not yet raped by Joe at the time of her escape.[2] This suggests she was the newest to the group, and may have contributed to why she was so comfortable with her Citadel life. She appears to have a particular singing talent, as shown when she sings for Joe after being tutored by Miss Giddy. One night when Joe expresses interest in taking her virginity, The Dag protects her by verbally protesting. The Dag refers to Cheedo as the only thing left that Joe hasn't "poisoned".

Cheedo, along with the rest of Immortan Joe's wives, was smuggled out of the Citadel by Imperator Furiosa on the War Rig.[3] After the first, violent confrontation with the Rock Riders and Joe's pursuing forces, she was desperate to return to the Citadel, encouraging the other wives that Joe would forgive them and take them back. She eventually changed her mind, however, and during the final stages of the race to the Citadel, she tricked Rictus Erectus into taking her on board The Gigahorse in order to help Furiosa get onto the vehicle safely.

Appearance and personality

Cheedo, like the rest of Joe's wives, dresses entirely in white. She has long, dark hair that she wears straight. She is always barefoot.

Cheedo is a shy and naive girl who is comfortable in Immortan Joe's world and afraid of going out into the harsh wasteland. However, she emerges from the road war a stronger person.