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Rictus! Rictus! Go see what's agitatin' DAD!

– Corpus Colossus

Corpus Collosus

Corpus Colossus (also known as Corpus Callosum) is one of Immortan Joe's children. He is first and eldest son of Immortan Joe. He is portrayed by Quentin Kenihan in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Corpus Colossus is Rictus Erectus's older brother, born before the apocalypse. Immortan Joe has done his best to look after Corpus Colossus which is why his body is covered in scars from many medical procedures. Corpus Colossus grew up with Furiosa in the Citadel.[1] His job was to watch over everyone with his telescope. Colossus was put in charge of The Citadel after Immortan Joe and his War Boys left to chase after Imperator Furiosa. After the Citadel's liberation, Corpus still lives in the Citadel and advises an unseen woman, probably one of Joe's Wives to take control since giving out water to everyone who comes there will be seen as a sign of weakness.[2]

Appearance and personality

Although Corpus Colossus is physically disabled, he has exceptional intelligence. He is the opposite of his brother Rictus Erectus, who is physically capable but dim-witted (the graphic novel describes Rictus as "a Herculean man-child" and Corpus as "a man in a child's body"[3]).

Although much more kind and good-natured than his father, he agrees with some of his views, telling an unseen woman that giving water to everyone who comes to the Citadel will be seen as a sign of weakness and other people will try to take control of the Citadel away from them.

He is portrayed in the Citadel as second only to Immortan Joe, and even forcefully orders his brother Rictus around without any fear.


  • The character of Corpus Colossus was originally supposed to be killed off at the end of Fury Road (presumably by one of the Milk Mothers). This ending was shot with about ten takes until George Miller decided that he simply cannot kill off Corpus Colossus. The sequence was re-shot the next day in the form that made it into the movie, which made Corpus the only surviving member of Immortan Joe's family.[4]
  • Corpus Colossus was not included in early versions of the script until Quentin Kenihan contacted George Miller himself asking if there was a role for him in the movie. Miller decided that the addition of Kenihan would create balance between him and Rictus Erectus and so the character of Corpus Colossus was written into the movie.[5]
  • In real life, Quentin Kenihan has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease). It is quite likely that Corpus has the same condition.[6]
  • "Corpus Callosum" is a term for the region of the human brain that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres.[7]




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