"We don't need the knowin'! We can live here!"
—The Tell of Captain Walker

Entrance to the oasis

The Crack in the Earth

The Crack in the Earth, also known as Planet Earth, was a geological feature, and home to The Lost Tribe. It appeared in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


The Crack in the Earth was a gorge in the expanse of the Australian desert, somewhere in the Outback wasteland. A part of the gorge served as an oasis, far from the villainy of the wastelands above; and was home to a tribe of feral children who had formed their own archaic society.

Not far from the oasis was the Crash site. There lay the remains of the aeroplane that originally brought the children and their parents across the desert after the cities were destroyed in the nuclear apocalypse.


The Crack in the Earth scenes were filmed on location at Mermaids Cave in New South Wales.