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'Push me? Shove you!'

Cundalini was a member of Toecutter's motorcycle gang. He was portrayed by Paul Johnstone in Mad Max.


Not much is known about Cundalini. He has a flamboyant style, wearing red leathers and distinctive love-heart sunglasses. He is both fun-loving - We see him rough-housing and dancing with Mudguts in Clunes, as well as serious - he is shown deep in thought, pondering carburetor maintenance. However he becomes more prominent after Toecutter's gang stalk and hassle Jessie Rocktansky. In an attempt to cling on to her Sandman van, Cundalini throws a chain with a grapple that hooks on to the van's luggage rack. Jessie speeds off, and as a result, the car rips his hand off and leaves him tumbling in the dust. When Toecutter tracks down Jessie and Max, he absurdly demands that Jessie give Cundalini his hand back. It is noteworthy that Cundalini lost his throttle hand, so his days as a biker were over. He was never shown to be in the final chase between Max and Toecutter's gang, making his fate uncertain.


  • Lolita.webp
    Cundalini wears the same glasses as in Stanley Kubrik's 1962 movie Lolita.