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Diabando was a member of Toecutter's motorcycle gang. He was portrayed by Howard Eynon in Mad Max.


Diabando was a loyal member of Toecutter's gang. He was present at the rape of a young couple following the collection of Nightrider's remains; and was the member responsible for the kidnapping of Sprog Rockatansky at May's Farm. Along with his comrades, he participated in the slaughter of the Rockantansky family.

Diabando then took part in one notable vehicular heist with his other gang members. In a calculative and stealthy operation, Diabando stole a large amount of of petrol from a fuel tanker for Toecutter. Diabando's role was to throw the tubing that was to be used to siphon the petrol, from an embankment, to the tanker. This allowed Mudguts, Johnny the Boy and Starbuck to carry on with their task of stealing the petrol.

He was later involved in the crash on the bridge caused by Max Rockatansky, who was enacting vengeance for the death of his wife and child. He was then seen falling off of his bike and skidding across the road, making his fate uncertain, although this likely didn't kill him.