They say people don't believe in heroes anymore? Well, damn them! You and me, Max, we're gonna give 'em back their heroes!

– Fifi

Fifi was Max Rockatansky's chief of the MFP and his commanding officer.


Fifi was determined to keep Max on the force, worrying that his most talented driver would quit the high-octane violence of the force for a peaceful life with his wife and son; attempting to entice him with the Pursuit Special.

Unfortunately, it was shown in a deleted clip, that Toecutter and his gang ambushed The Halls of Justice and killed most of the MFP Officers including Fifi.


Fifi led a highly flamboyant life as the chief of the MFP and notably had a love for his houseplants and a pet bird, both of which he kept in his office at the Halls of Justice. Fifi is also extremely optimistic, believing that Heroism is the key to bringing society back from it's crime-risen world.

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