This marauder vehicle, commonly referred to as the "Cop Car" is a modified Ford Fairlane ZG 1974. 

The origin

An ex-police car, driven by rogue Cops, modified to roam the wastelands.

Technical spec.

A 1974 Ford Fairlane ZG with plenty of modifications, mostly in the front end of the car. The grille is from a 1947-48 Buick, the front bumper is '59 Buick. The size of the grille required the headlights to be modified as well, from double headlights to single headlight setup. The bonnet appears to be from a Ford Falcon XA. Wheel arches were cut to accommodate bigger and wider wheels. The car is also fitted with a number of police lights, two red installed on the rear parcel shelf and a single blue one on the roof set right alongside two airhorns and a loudspeaker. A number of anntenas are installed on the vehicle as well, leaving no doubt that it is in fact an ex-police vehicle.

Appearances on screen.

In Mad Max 2, the vehicle is visible in the Mack truck chase and the Tanker chase scenes. In its final moments it receives two molotov-cocktails to the bonnet, which set the car on fire. The car then jumps off the road and rams into a dune buggy.