Max Yellow Interceptor

Ford Falcon XB Sedan 1974 "Max's Yellow Interceptor"

Technical spec.

Ford Falcon XB 351 Sedan 1974, a former Victorian Police car in real life was bought by Byron Kennedy and George Miller to become Max Rockatansky's standard issue MFP Interceptor. After the purchase it was handed over to Ray Beckerley of Graf-X to undergo modification along with other vehicles for the movie.[1]

Movie modification:

Given that it was a budget movie the car was only quickly masked up and repainted from its original white on the outside only. In several shots you can still see the white paint: Door jams, under the bonnet etc

The vehicle had the most fiberglass work installed out of all three MFP standard issue vehicles. All fibreglass parts were purchased from Errol Platt's workshop, EWP Fibreglass.

The bonnet scoop is an L88 Corvette scoop which has had a NACA style intake cut into the front. The scoop is obviously for show being mounted on top of the bonnet without sufficient airflow for the engine. The front spoiler was a custom deep spoiler design which was also used on the Big Bopper, March Hare and The Nightrider's Monaro. The wheel flares resemble Torana SLR5000 flares but were custom made items and the roof spoiler is the same as the V8 Interceptor. The roof spoiler was a multi-fit design made originally for the sedan roof line. The rear deep dish rims were the same as used on the Interceptor (made my Martin Mack). Roof lights were made by a US company Petersons. The roof console was a custom item. Additionally, the vehicle carries MFP badges and a variety of Max's personal items inside, including a flute and a helmet.

The right front fender has the names of the vehicle's crew, "M. Rockatansky" and "The Dark One" can be seen. However, "The Dark One" character is not present in the movie as he or she was cut between the scripting stage and the production.

Appearance on screen

The vehicle is often used in the movie, the first time driven by Max to chase the Nightrider. Max continues to use the vehicle to arrive at the wreckage of the Chevrolet Bel Air to retrieve the woman and find Johnny the Boy at the scene.

Appearance off screen

Max's Yellow Interceptor was one of the very few vehicles that were not damaged during filming. The vehicle was later sold off and until this day it is undetermined if the vehicle still exists or who is in its possession.


  • Max's Yellow Interceptor was also filmed in a drag racing scene between Jim Goose and Max. The only remnants of said scene are in the promotional shots, but the scene itself was cut from the movie.
  • The vehicle's number on the roof is 508.



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