Gas Town is a location in the wasteland and appears in Mad Max: Fury Road and in Mad Max.


Gas Town is a large structure built on flat plain area around an abandoned refinery south of The Citadel.


Gas Town is featured in the beginning of Mad Max: Fury Road; it serves as the town Imperator Furiosa was intended to visit before betraying Immortan Joe. An ally of The Citadel, Imperator Furiosa was sent by Immortan Joe, in her vehicle, the War Rig, to Gas Town. Furiosa's mission included off loading the War Rig's cargo, water, in exchange for the gasoline, ever abundant to those in charge of Gas Town. She had a small number of men with her, which further cements the allied nature that exists between The Citadel and Gas Town. A small group of Gas Town inhabitants then aid Immortan Joe as he attempts to retrieve his wives and catch Furiosa.

Inhabitants and lifestyle

Inhabitants of Gas Town wear masks to prevent them from inhaling fumes from burning derelicts. The big oil rig mentality caused the town to be mainly inhabited by men, not too many women, both of which had too much time on their hands. The fact that the town was on a big flat plain required for them to have some vantage point so they used 30-40ft high poles on cars, also for mounting other vehicles during road wars.[1] The town has a gladitorial arena called "Thunderdome Plus"[2] which is inspired by the original "Thunderdome", however, unlike the original where two fighters fight each other, Gas Town's Thunderdome has many fighters fighting against each other for the prize.


  • Gas Town has a similar appearance and function to the Oil Refinery, (from Mad Max 2 location).
  • An alternative non-canonical version of Gas Town ran by Scabrous Scrotus is present in the 2015 Mad Max video game.



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