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Glory as "The Accusing Dead"

You promised to help us, Max...

– Glory as "The Accusing Dead"

Glory the Child was a little girl from Max Rockatansky's past. She was portrayed by Coco Jack Gillies in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Max and Glory in the Sunken City

Glory was travelling with her mother in a trading convoy to Gastown when The Buzzards attacked. The attackers were driven off, but in the chaos, Glory was taken to Buzzards' hiding place - The Sunken City. Her mother was looking for someone to help her retrieve Glory from her captivity and she stumbled upon Max fighting - and winning - against a Buzzard in Thunderdome. After saving Max's life later on, he owed her a favor which was finding and returning Glory to her mother.

Glory was used by The Buzzards as the 'Tunnel Monkey" - being sent out to small spaces seeking out food, clothing and other various items. She escaped, however and found a place with food and water, away from The Buzzards, but still could not find her way out of the Sunken City. She eventually was found by Max and after initially being hostile towards him, Max proved her that he was there to take her to her mother. Along their escape, Max retrieved his stolen V8 Interceptor and together they managed to leave The Sunken City. After bringing Glory to her mother, Max decided to make his own way while Glory and her mother went in an opposite direction. Unfortunately the remaining pursuing Buzzard ran over both the mother and child. Max killed the attacker and found the mother dead on the scene. A dying Glory asks Max if her mother is all right. Max tells her that she is. Glory tells Max to look after her, which Max agrees to do, before dying. Max buries both of them before driving away. This encounter haunts him for many months or perhaps years to come.[1]

The Accusing Dead

Glory haunts Max in his visions ever since, along with other people Max could not save. Her appearances often shake Max into action by either terrifying him or providing guidance. In one particular vision Glory is seen reaching her hand out which later saves Max from inevitable death from a crossbow Bolt. Glory also refers to Max as "Pa" in one vision, even though she is not his daughter.


In early test screenings, the character of Glory in Fury Road referred to Max by his name instead of calling him 'Pa'. This line was obviously changed in the final movie creating a lot of confusion among fans of the franchise who remember that Max had a son instead of a daughter. It is unclear as to why Glory refers to Max as her father, one possibility being that she called him like that to signify his age rather than blood relation.

Video game

Glory from Mad Max

  • A character named "Glory" is present in the 2015 Mad Max video game. However, that character's storyline differs significantly from the official canonical version presented in the comic books.