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Glory the Child's Mother is a character who appears in the Mad Max: Fury Road comic series.


She is the mother of Glory. While traveling in a trading convoy along her daughter, the Buzzards attacked and although they were driven off by Gas Town's guards, Glory was captured by them in the chaos and was taken to their hideout - The Sunken City.

While looking for someone to help find her daughter, she stumbles upon Max Rockatansky fighting in Thunderdome. When the two final contestants remain, one being Max and the other being a Buzzard wearing an armor with sharp blades upon it, she helps him by giving him a flare that Max uses to burn the Buzzard's eye out. After Max is attacked by the Buzzards and falls uncoscious due to the heavy bleeding caused by being stabbed in the femoral artery, she rescuses him and fixes his wound. After Max asks why did she help him, she tells him that he owes her.

They then travel together on her motorbike to The Sunken City and she tells Max about her kidnapped daughter. She offers to tag along so they can recover both Glory and Max's interceptor which the Buzzards took after attacking him. Max refuses which angers her but he promises to bring Glory back. Max stumbles upon Glory who is initially hostile to him but he is able to make her trust him by informing her that her mother sent him. He helps her to escape the underground and the Buzzard who stabbed Max is thought by them to have been killed during their escape. After rescuing Glory from the underground ruins, Max returns along with her to her mother who then offers him to come along with them. Max refuses and drives off but soon rushes back after seeing them in the side-mirror.

Glory thinks he changed his mind but his mother suspects something is up. The reason is soon revealed as the Buzzard who earlier stabbed Max and was thought to have been killed is revealed to be alive. The Buzzard hits both Glory and his mother with his vehicle. After killing the Buzzard in anger, Max finds that Glory is dying and her mother is killed. After Glory dies, Max buries the two and drives off. He continues to be haunted by this encounter afterward.