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Warboys have been sighted. Preppin' most likely for an assault on our beloved ship.

– Gutgash expressing his concerns over his stronghold's safety

Gutgash is a character from the 2015 videogame, Mad Max.


Hope and Glory being held in a cage inside Gutgash's ship stronghold

Gutgash is the leader of a benevolent tribe who live in the remains of an old ship located in the Parch Moon Region. He is an old, wise leader who remembers the days before the seas dried up. He is also a slave trader, he has Hope and her child Glory in a cage somewhere in his strong hold. Gutgash tells his people they are rebuilding the ship in the hope that the water will one day return, however, the reality is that he wants to reinforce his stronghold in order to protect it from an imminent attack by Scabrous Scrotus's warboys. [1]