Halls of justice

Halls of Justice

The Halls of Justice are a group of dilapitated buildings that create the stronghold for the Main Force Patrol. It's the remaining remnants of justice in the Australian Outback prior to civilisation's complete and total destruction.

Main Force Patrol

The Captain of the MFP, Fifi Macaffee was the officer in charge of the entire operation and appeared to live within the walls of the Halls of Justice as well as take charge of police issues. Police Commissioner Labatouche is the highest authority in what could be the entire outback, but rarely bothers visiting the location.

Within the Complex

The complex itself is vast, including:

  • An Underground garage holding MFP Interceptors and Pursuit Specials
  • A courtyard.
  • Several offices throughout floors.
  • Prison cells including shackles.
  • Possible courtroom.
  • Fifi's rooms.
  • Officer's barracks (although never shown, it is implied that the MFP Officers did long shifts and slept in barracks, going home to their families, as do most fire-fighters, on their days off.)


The name "Halls of Justice" comes from the term, Hall of Justice, which is a term for a Police HQ. Often these buildings house courtrooms and jails, likewise does the one in Mad Max.

The Halls of Justice can now be found in science works. Melbourne, Victoria