A Historyman tells the story of Nux

When the world fell they burned the books, leaving nothing but a random collection of Wordburgers. We History Men and Women preserve these stories

– History Man

The History Men are a group of historians who chronicle the events that occurred after "The Fall". They exist in the distant future, long after Imperator Furiosa's road war.[1]


History Men and History Women act as both collectors and teachers of lost knowledge and help to disseminate it amongst the inhabitants of The Wasteland. There are many means by which a History Man might display this knowledge, though the most noticeable is by tattooing historical words onto their skin. In doing so, they become "Word Burgers". They claim that all other knowledge was lost during The Fall during a mass burning of the books.

The History Men operate from The Citadel, which following Immortan Joe's fall, acts as a bastion of hope and learning within the Wasteland. It is possible that by issuing out their knowledge, they helped The Wretched to build the Town at the foot of The Citadel.

A precursor to the guild of the History Men was Miss Giddy who taught Immortan Joe's Wives about the past. She too tattooed knowledge upon her skin.


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