Mm monaro 6

The Holden Monaro is an Australian muscle car produced by GM Holden, an Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Early 1970s-model Monaros occasionally appear in the Mad Max series.

Mad Max

A black 'Pursuit Special' Holden Monaro, stolen by the Nightrider, is one of the first vehicles to appear in the film. It manages to evade MFP recapture efforts until the arrival of Max Rockatansky in the pursuit. While attempting to outrun Max, the Nightrider does not react in time to avoid wreckage on the road and crashes at high speeds, killing himself and his girlfriend, as well as destroying the Monaro.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

A highly-modified Monaro is used by Humungus' Marauders in their attempts to capture the tanker as it flees from the refinery. This Monaro has a custom front end and opening in the roof.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Two modified 1968-1971 Holden Monaros are a part of the War Boys' Carmada. They both have large flamethrowers mounted on their back. One Monaro has the front end of a 1950s Pontiac. The Monaro with its original front end is the first car to get swept up in the sandstorm after Furiosa sideswipes it with The War Rig.