This marauder vehicle is a heavily modified Holden Statesman HQ 1974. Possibly an ex-MFP vehicle. It appears in Mad Max 2.

Technical spec.

The car is missing doors, windows and the whole front end complete with fenders and the bonnet. A Jeep grille has been put to cover the radiator. The engine has a 6/71 supercharger on it.

The car seems to be reinforced with a rollcage with steel mesh around it. The unmodified elements of this car, i.e. the rear end allow to identify it as a Holden Statesman.

Appearances on screen


Screenshot of Statesman HQ from the Making Of Mad Max 2

The car appears sporadically and doesn't play any prominent role in the movie. The signal light and the  loudspeaker on the roof suggest it is an ex-MFP vehicle. Badly damaged and repaired with scavanged parts. It is driven by Bad Cops and is one of the very few vehicles that survive the final chase unscathed. 

Current wereabouts of this vehicle are uknown.