Humungus truck 1

Humungus' truck is a six-wheeled vehicle used by Lord Humungus (and sometimes Wez ) during the marauder's assaults on the refinery , and later the tanker .

Technical spec.

The truck has only one seat, which is usually occupied by Lord Humungus himself. The driver's seat is lined with cow hide. The vehicle is equipped with a loudspeaker system. Behind the seat is a roll bar with megaphones mounted up top. Behind the bar is a spoiler. Riders can often be seen hanging off of the back or sides.

The truck is easily recognizable by its six wheels, with all four of the rear wheels appearing to be powered. The truck also has two large chrome 'big rig' style exhaust pipes and menacing bull bars in the front, which prisoners are mounted to. In the back there are two 55 gallon tanks and a fuel pump. Two tridents and a mace are installed on the sides of the cab.

Humungus' truck also has a nitrous oxide system equipped, which allows it to reach high speeds for a six-wheeled vehicle. This system is used to catch up with the V8 Interceptor , as well as to ram the tanker head-on during the film's final chase.  

Appearances on screen

The truck is first visible driven by Humungus to present the 'compromise' to the people inside the Compound. It is later stolen by Wez. The vehicle is ultimately driven in the final chase scene. Temporarily disabled by the Gyro Captain's Molotov cocktail it engages again in pursuit only to be heading towards a head-on collision with the tanker.



  • Some sources list Humungus' truck as being based on a Ford F-Series chassis, like many others in the film