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There's something brewing out there. Warboys from Gastown are tightening the noose fierce-like.

– Jeet sharing his thoughts on the coming storm

Jeet is a character from the 2015 video game, Mad Max. Jeet is voiced by Josh Keaton.


Jeet is the leader of a stronghold located in the Balefire Flatland Region which is part of a larger region known as The Great White. Jeet has a common enemy in Scabrous Scrotus. Like many other people in the wasteland, Jeet suffers from a chronic illness. As a victim of painful headaches and other excruciating physical problems, Jeet is extremely short-tempered, irritable, jittery, and tense. Jeet has learned that the excruciating pains in his head can be controlled by inflicting pain to other parts of his body, and has kitted himself out with various pain-inducing mechanisms. Like Max, he is interested in reaching the mythic Plains of Silence.


After Chumbucket's hideout is destroyed by Stank Gum and his forces, Chum urges Max to seek refuge into Jeet's stronghold, located in the Great White. After a not-so-warm welcome, Jeet begrudgingly allows Max to use his home as a base, in exchange for the mechanic's "holy fingers" and the road warrior's help. He also provides them the components to build the Longshot. His first request to Max is to bring him the War Boy "powder cook" Blas Cap, who has been captured by Thrall Rustlers, so he can start producing ammunition to retake control of the Great White from the War Boys, promising as reward a constant supply of ammo. Later, he offers to give Max even more if he signals him the locations of the necessary components to create the gunpowder (saltpeter and sulfur). As a direct result of all this, he also starts trading with other strongholds, especially Gutgash (who, in turn, gives him iron). After Max successfully breaks through The Jaw, he gives him an ambitious and dangerous task: create a passage through the Dead Barrens' wall using an explosive-rigged fuel truck, to grant his convoys (and, by extension, the Magnum Opus) a safe and short route.