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Police Commissioner
Fencing equipment
Portrayed By
Jonathan Hardy

Labatouche was the Police Commissioner of the Main Force Patrol. He was portrayed by Jonathan Hardy in Mad Max.


Police Commissioner Labatouche was a civil servant who was appointed to supervise the duties of the police during the collapse of the civilised world. One of the divisions under his supervision was the Main Force Patrol.

During the increase of gang warfare on roads such as Highway 9, sector 26, the Captain of the Main Force Patrol, Fifi Macaffee, asked Labatouche for additional funds. The goal of the funding was to help keep some of his MFP officers on the force by means of souped-up vehicles.

Although Labatouche was concerned about the police force's spending, he liked to keep himself busy with other activities and hobbies. One of Labatouche's hobbies was fencing that according to Roger Ward was aiming to be "futuristic" implying that Labatouche uses the fencing equipment as a defense against the gangs; following a discussion of the MFP's finances, he donned a fencing helmet and sword as he exited Fifi's office.