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Various marauder castes

Lord Humungus' Marauders were an unnamed gang of vehicular marauders that roamed the wastes of the Outback.


The Marauders were led by their menacing leader, Lord Humungus, and were one of the factions in the war for the Oil Refinery's control. They were referred to by the Lord Humungus as Dogs of War.

Humungus' marauders were comprised of several smaller groups, or castes, which he may have united together under his leadership. Possible side-line groups included: the Gayboy Berserkers, Skinheads, Punks and Smegma Crazies.

The attire of each group hints at their life before the apocalypse:

  • The Gayboy Berserkers - bear characteristics of ex-police officers using old MFP and police vehicles. It is not specifically stated whether these were indeed former cops like Max Rockatansky, or bandits who had acquired the vehicles, however the production documents reveal that they were a faction driving souped up street racers. They obtained the unofficial title of "Bad cops" amongst the fan community.
  • The Smegma Crazies are a faction of marauders driving primitive dune buggies dressed in animal skins, while the members are wearing traditional Australian military attire, hinting at their military origin.
  • Skinheads are driving tow trucks and wear matching attire down to peculiar visors and football pads covered by shirts.
  • Mohawkers are a bike riding faction of punks, all characterized by mohawk haircuts and leather attire, hence the name.
  • Among the Dogs of War there are also oddball individuals and small groups not particularly belonging to the four main groups.
  • The Pink Desoto driver is dressed up all in pink, even with a pink beard. The helmet of the driver is identical to the ones worn by the Gayboy Bersekers except it's completely painted silver.
  • The Lone Wolf crew are completely covered in studded leather from head to toe and wear aviator style motorcycle goggles.
  • The passenger of the Landau wears a vintage fireman mask and a peculiar weapon - a porta pak - a gas powered DIY weapon shooting multiple darts at once.
  • Bearclaw Mohawk - arguably a Punk, however completely dressed in animal skin and using a massive claw with a mini crossbow attached. His role was much more prominent in the original version of the script which is why his looks are so different from the rest of the Punks.

The group is mostly male, but there are females in the entirety of Marauders, however only the males are seen participating in the final chase sequence.

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