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Graphic novel cover

Mad Max: Fury Road is a comic series related to the 2015 film. It's published by DC comics Vertigo.


The comic series serves as a collection of short stories acting as preludes to the film. Each story follows one of the characters - Nux, Immortan Joe, Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky. The stories will be told from the perspectives of the History Men, a group of historians who live in the Mad Max universe's distant future.

Comic artist Lee Bermejo acts as series editor alongside the writing talents of George Miller (director, writer), Nico Lathouris (co-writer) and Mark Sexton (storyboard and concept artist). Interior artists working on the project include Riccardo Burchielli, Leandro Fernandez, and Tristan Jones. Covers are illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards.

The series was collected in a trade paperback, and released on the 17th September 2015.


The graphic novel collects the following issues: [1]

There will also be a deluxe edition.