Fury road soundtrack

Soundtrack cover

The Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack was composed by Junkie XL. It was released on 12 May 2015 through WaterTower Music and features over 2 hours of music from the film.



  • Survive
  • Escape
  • Immortan's Citadel
  • Bloodbag
  • Buzzard's Arrive
  • Spikey Car
  • Storm is Coming
  • We Are Not Things
  • Water
  • The Rig
  • Into The Canyon
  • Brothers in Arms
  • The Chase
  • Moving On
  • The Bog
  • Redemption
  • Many Mothers
  • The Return To Nowhere
  • Claw Trucks
  • Immortan
  • Chapter Doof
  • Valhalla Awaits
  • My Name Is Max
  • Let Them Up
  • Mary Jo Bassa
  • Coda

Related music

The classical piece by Giuseppe Verdi, "Messa Da Requiem - Dies Irae", was featured in the film's theatrical teaser trailer and was received very well by critics and fans.