This article is for the 2013 DC Entertainment comic produced by WB Games, for the 2010 fan-film see, Mad Max: The Motion Comic.

Mad Max: Motion Comic
Mad max motion comic
Jason Shawn Alexander (Illustrator)
WB Games
Tom Taylor
DC Entertainment
Distributed By
Release Date
14 August 2013

Mad Max: Motion Comic is a motion-comic prequel story for the upcoming 2015 Mad Max video game.


A heated road war between Max and a gang of War Boys ensues. Watching from afar is Chumbucket, who believes he is possibly witnessing the deliverance of Max unto him, granted by The Angel of Combustion. Chumbucket states he prayed to her for a warrior to help him build The Magnum Opus, an insanely customised vehicle of his own design.

Meanwhile, Max takes out a number of marauders with his V8 Interceptor, but before long runs out of petrol. Surrounded by War Boys, he is pulled from his car. Max fights back; breaking the neck of one, headbutting another, and driving a third's face into the V8's bonnet. Max fires his shotgun into the face of a fourth, but is overwhelmed by the rest.

Losing faith in Max, Chumbucket turns away from the carnage and heads back to his camp. That night, he hears a victim being ensnared in one of his traps. As he goes to investigate the catch, he is confronted by none other than Max. Unable to comprehend how Max defeated the marauders and yet gets caught in his trap, Chumbucket instead is convinced that Max's appearance is a sign of divine deliverance from the Angel of Combustion.

Concept and production

The comic was written by Tom Taylor (known for "Injustice: Gods Among Us" and "Earth 2") and illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander (known for "Legends of the Dark Knight").

Alexander stated that he loves the Mad Max series, and that working on the motion comic was a nostalgic, and rewarding experience - for he was able to lend his own touches to the iconic character [1]


The motion comic premiered at Comic-con 2013, and subsequently on WB Games' YouTube page.