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Mad Max: Renegade is a 2011 fan-made short-film written and directed by Paul C. Miller, starring Liam Fountain in the titular role of Max Rockatansky.


Taking place between the events of Mad Max and Mad Max 2, the film ties together the first two films by chronicling Max's story days after stealing the Pursuit Special at the end of the first film.


The Pursuit Special replica which is used in the film, is an Australian built 1973 Ford Falcon. The car is powered by a 351 Ford V-8 and mated to a 4 speed Top-Loader transmission. Fake on/off supercharger, concord nose, fender flairs, spoilers, big rubber and zoomies complete the package [1].

The Mustang used by the marauders was built out of a 1971 Ford Mach 1 Mustang. The fender was painted primer grey, the hood scoop (from the 2006 Mustang GT in the 2008 remake of Death Race) was attached to the hood, along with fake nitrous bottles. Metal plate was added to the driver's door, along with the head and tail lights. [2]

Conception and production


Sherrie Coke of Recoil magazine described the film as a "supercharged adventure with a heart".


The film was selected as part of the Renovation Independent Fan Film Festival where it was first premiered in 2011 [3], and was released digitally over YouTube on the 4 April 2012.


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