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Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa is the second issue of the Mad Max: Fury Road comic series, it takes place right before the events of the film. It relates the story of how Imperator Furiosa meets with the Five Wives and helps them escape.


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The Five Wives were five young healthy women selected by Joe to provide him with a suitable male heir. He keeps them locked in a vault, providing them with food, water and a teacher, the Wordburger "Miss Giddy" who provides them education so they do not go insane due to their captivity. After conducting an examination on Angahard, Joe's resident physician, the Organic Mechanic, informs him that he has a window of two days to impregnate her if he wants a suitable and healthy male heir. Joe assigns a warrior, Imperator Furiosa, to protect the Wives who are at first hostile to her and constantly insult and taunt her.

The Wives are abused by Joe night-after-night with Angahard being the first. She is impregnated by him and later tries to kill the baby in the womb however she is stopped by Furiosa who rushes to her location after hearing her scream. The Wives who also heard Angahard's screams rush towards her and yell at Furiosa to leave them alone. Furiosa in anger hits all of them and chastises them for being ungrateful despite having privileges which no one else in the Citadel has. The Wives respond by saying that their lives have been made miserable by Joe and Angahard mocks Furiosa saying all she knows is killing to which she responds in a mocking reply saying Angahard was doing the same thing.


Gradually after this incident, a bond forms between the Wives and Furiosa. One night while hearing the musical performance of the Wives, Joe expresses interest in taking Fragile's virginity. The Dag upon hearing this berates Joe and tells him not to touch her since she is the only one who hasn't been abused by him. Joe in anger grabs The Dag who is then raped and impregnated by him. He later demands the Wives to be more appreciative for giving them the privileges no one else in the Citadel has. Their freedoms are limited by Joe and they are made to wear toothed chastity belts.


Furiosa is removed from the position of their bodyguard who later hatches a plan along with the Wives to help them escape however their teacher Aunty Giddy being too old chooses not to go with them. Furiosa sneaks the Wives outside of the Vault to help them escape from Immortan Joe's captivity.

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