Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Max's monkey was an animal companion of Max Rockatansky. It appeared in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


Max's monkey

Max's monkey

In the long stretch of time that followed Max's conflicts with Lord Humungus, that led the demise of "Dog", Max acquired a monkey companion. Similar to a canine, the monkey was loyal to Max, although, demonstrated a more primate intelligence. This came to Max's aid when Jedediah ambushed Max's Camel Wagon and rode away with its contents. The monkey, unbeknownst to Jedediah, sat in the back of the wagon and dropped items for Max as "breadcrumbs" to follow. The trail led to Bartertown.

The Monkey was confiscated from Max and at some point given to, or obtained by, Master Blaster. After Master Blaster was stripped of their power and after Max was sentenced to "Gulag" for failure to carry out Aunty Entity's deal, the Monkey was in Pig Killer's possession. Pig Killer handed a flask of water to the Monkey to take across The Wasteland to Max.

The Monkey finds Max on the dunes, and they press on. Eventually, heat exhaustion and dehydration halted their journey, although they were rescued by Savannah Nix and taken to meet the The Waiting Ones. The Monkey then spends time bonding with the tribesman, Scrooloose. It later accompanies Max to help save The Tribe Who Left. The Monkey returns to Pig Killer in Underworld and helps the children liberate Master. A road war then ensues.

The Monkey is left in the companionship of The Tribe Who Left following Aunty Entity's road war. It is assumed it settled in Tomorrow-Morrow Land, leaving Max to wander alone again.

Personality and portrayal

Max's monkey is an intelligent animal and a very social companion. It forms friendships with Master, Pig Killer, and then Scrooloose at different points during his travels. Coincidentally, it is these three people he ends up in the company of at the end of his journey.