Miss Giddy
Miss giddy captive
Teacher (History Woman)
Gauged double-barrelled Shotgun
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Portrayed By
Jennifer Hagan
She didn't take them, they begged her to go!

– Miss Giddy

Miss Giddy is an inhabitant of The Citadel, acting as teacher to the Five Wives. She is portrayed by Jennifer Hagen and appears in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Miss Giddy acted as a teacher and mentor for The Five Wives of Immortan Joe. Her duties seemed to be generally to culture the wives, teaching them how to sing, play piano, and read among other things, but she also appeared to have a very strong and emotional mother-daughter relationship with them. She cared for them deeply and they cared for her in return.

She is seen emotionally supporting The Wives before and after their rapes, assuring them not to be ashamed of themselves or of what Joe does to them. [1] She is present when Furiosa takes the wives to the War Rig. The wives beg her to come with them, but she stays behind with a gun in preparation for Joe's discovery of their escape.[2]


Miss Giddy defends herself from Immortan Joe

The next morning when Joe discovers the wives have left Miss Giddy confronts him saying "you cannot own a human being". She attempts to shoot Joe, but Joe easily pushes the barrel of the gun out of his face. When he asks her where Furiosa has taken the wives, Miss Giddy mockingly responds "A long way from you."

She is taken by Joe onto the Gigahorse and accompanies him during the chase. Miss Giddy is present when Splendid's baby is cut out from her lifeless body and she appears upset. She is eventually tortured by The Organic Mechanic when she refuses to divulge information about the wives and is killed by him, ultimately sacrificing herself for her students.[3]

Appearance and personality

It is possible that Miss Giddy is a member, or precursor, of the "History Men" as she has tattooed herself all over to preserve history.

Deleted scene

Miss Giddy appears in a deleted scene which shows her held in the air by Rictus Erectus who is displaying her tortured body to the War Boys, explaining she will not give away the direction Furiosa was heading. The Organic Mechanic is then seen approaching her, and licks her armpit, which is present in another deleted scene. War Boys head out in search of Furiosa and Miss Giddy is then left behind the armada along with the body of Splendid Angharad. Both of them laying on the ground with a bike circling around them. Miss Giddy weary of her demise is encouraging crows to finish her off.


The comic book states Miss Giddy had never shot a gun before in her life until the events of the film, which emphasizes the lengths to which she was willing to go to protect the wives.



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