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Morsov, all "shiny and chrome"


– Morsov's final words

Morsov was a War Boy portrayed by Chris Patton in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Morsov was assigned to help protect the War Rig on its way to Bullet Farm and Gas Town to pick up supplies for The Citadel, but was taken along on Imperator Furiosa's detour to The Green Place

Morsov is first seen driving on the back of "Elvis" - the War Rig's guide vehicle. After the car fell into a trap Morsov was ejected into the air and was presumably left behind. As it turned out, one of the bikes came back for Morsov and transported him on the back seat to the War Rig which was still being attacked by the Buzzards. One of Buzzards' spiked jalopies rammed the bike carrying Morsov, but he managed to escape just in time and was pulled up onto the War Rig's tanker. From then on Morsov was defending the Rig again. When Morsov was going to throw an exploding spear at the de-hooded Buzzard, he was shot in the side of the head and in the neck with Buzzard's double crossbow. Knowing he was deemed to die from his injuries, and with Nux supporting his attempts at getting back up one last time, Morsov spray-painted his mouth chrome and called out to his fellow War Boys to "witness him". With his friends chanting his name, he grabbed two explosive spears, let out one final battle cry, and leaped onto the car of the Buzzard who had shot him, destroying the vehicle and killing both him and the Buzzards instantly. While most of the other War Boys honored his sacrifice with cheers of approval, Slit merely and coldheartedly dubbed his last actions "mediocre.". Slit also did his best to ruin Morsov's "death or glory attack" by striking the very same vehicle with a spear of his own at the same moment Morsov landed, thus the kill could not be entirely attributed to Morsov.