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I am the Nightrider, baby... and it's me and my Marmaduke, and we ain't never coming back!

– Nightrider (regarding his girl, his "Marmaduke"

Nightrider's girl (possibly named Marmaduke) was the girlfriend of notorious gang member, The Nightrider. She was portrayed by Lulu Pinkus in Mad Max.


Little is known about the Nightrider's girl's history. She may or may not been part of Toecutter's gang, but it is not clear if she is looking for a thrill with her boyfriend, the Nightrider, or if she is a real criminal.

Both she and The Nightrider were killed in a vehicular collision, when MFP officer Max Rockatansky entered pursuit following their theft of a MFP V8 Interceptor.


  • The credits list Nightrider's accomplice as "Nightrider's Girl", although he refers to her as "My Marmaduke" in his retort to the MFP. Whether the girl's name is Marmaduke, or whether "marmaduke" is a 1970s AUS English slang term for his lover is unclear.