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Perentti "Buggy #9"

Black coupe driven by the War Boys of The Citadel, similar in its looks to the Corvette is a modified Australian kit car: the Perentti.

Technical spec.

Perentti brochure.

In early 1970's a Sydney-based company called Custom Performance Modification decided to create a fiberglass copy of the C3 Corvette. The monocoque body was installed on a one-tonne Holden utility truck chassis. Because the chassis was 22 inches longer and wider than the real Corvette, the proportions of the body kit were oddly changed.

Movie modification

The vehicle originally came with a 308 engine which was not sufficient enough, so the production crew replaced it with a Cleveland V8 engine.[1] A big hole was cut in the body kit for the engine and the exhaust. The front windshield was removed and a partial mesh guard was put at the bottom. The rear makes space for a machine gun and a gunner seat. The car was lifted, off-road tyres installed, the front headlight covers were removed.


  • Due to a running joke that the Perentti was marketed towards midlife crisis customers in Australia, production designer Colin Gibson suggested that the crew of that car be dressed in cardigans. Unfortunately this suggestion was not approved by George Miller.
  • A Perentie is a type of lizard found in the Australian outback and the west coast of Australia. It looks similar to a goanna or a komodo dragon. The perentie lizard is what the perentti's name is based on.