Pig Killer
Pig killer
Underworld worker
Underworld train
Portrayed By
Robert Grubb
{Laughing} Plan?! There ain't no plan!

– Pig Killer

Pigkiller was a prisoner Max Rockatansky met in the events of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. He was portrayed by Robert Grubb.


Pig Killer was a prisoner in the trading post Bartertown. He resided in Underworld during the time that Max visited.

He was imprisoned for attempting to kill one of Bartertown's pigs to feed his family. As the pigs produced the methane required for Bartertown's electrical energy, his act was considered a great criminal offence. As punishment, he was given "life imprisonment" which included heavy labour shovelling the pigs faeces in Underworld. He admitted to Max that this did not phase him, as life imprisonment only lasted 2-3 years in Underworld.

Pig Killer later escaped during a raid by Max and the children of The Lost Tribe. During this he was wounded after having his leg impaled by a ballista bolt shot by one of Thunderdome's vehicles. He survived however and escaped to the ruins of Sydney on Jedediah's aircraft.