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If you survive everything we take on together, you'll have all the skills you'll need to get wherever you wanna go.

– Praetorian Jack to Furiosa (Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga)

Praetorian Jack is a supporting character featured in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. He was portrayed by Tom Burke.


Praetorian Jack was the renowned driver of Immortan Joe's War Rig prior to Imperator Furiosa.[1] He is a noble and heroic individual who comes from a military family who knew Immortan Joe before The Fall, when he was still known as Colonel Joe Moore.[2] Jack is considered a Fury Road legend in The Citadel and to a young Furiosa.[3] He originally drove with a partner of Hindu origin who was eventually killed in an ambush. During the encounter, Jack is aided by Furiosa, who'd been stowing away in the War Rig and, working together, kill Dementus's men and survive the ambush. Furiosa attempts to hijack the War Rig but Jack manages to get her thrown out of the rig. Sensing potential in Furiosa, Jack offers to help her, and in exchange, she'll become part of his crew. Over time, Jack and Furiosa bond as they serve Immortan Joe.

One day, the two of them travel for a fill-up to Gas Town, which had been taken over by Dementus, only to find the place in shambles, Dementus's control severely weakened. The two only barely escape and return to report this news to Immortan Joe, who orders them to travel to the Bullet Farm to fuel up on ordnance to take on Dementus. Once there, however, they find Dementus and his men ransacking the place. They launch their own assault, hoping to take him out, but fail and end up losing the War Rig in the process, escaping in Furiosa's Plymouth Valiant.

The two hope to flee to the The Green Place, the "land of abundance" in which Furiosa was born and which she has always hoped to return to.[4] Their plans, however, are permanently cut short when Dementus and his horde chase them down, injuring Furiosa and Jack. Dementus has Furiosa tied to a cable as she is forced to watch Jack tortured to death by Dementus's men. Her left arm injured in the attack, she severs what remains of it to escape and Praetorian Jack's death further fuels her rage against Dementus. Ultimately, Furiosa tracks down Dementus and has her vengeance. In the aftermath, the idea that Furiosa killed Dementus in the same manner that he killed Praetorian Jack is one of the many stories spread regarding Dementus's death.


  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was originally cast in the role of Praetorian Jack, but was replaced by Tom Burke due to scheduling conflicts.[5]
  • His Praetorian title originates from the soldiers who served as bodyguards for Roman Emperors.[2]
  • In an interview, Tom Burke stated that there are echoes of Max Rockatansky in his character, but that he has become an outsider who is institutionalized in the way of life at the Citadel; and doesn't know what it would be like to be on the outside, an "outsider on the inside."[6]
  • Burke was nearly moved to tears when his character was described as "noble" and "heroic" because his previous roles were "lousy" people.


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