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I had a little baby brother! He was perfect, perfect in every way!

– Rictus

Rictus Erectus is the youngest son of Immortan Joe and a secondary antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road. He is portrayed by Nathan Jones.


Rictus Erectus is the youngest son of Immortan Joe. He is first seen during Organic Mechanics health check-up on The Five Wives. Upon finding out that one of the Wives is pregnant and the rest are ovulating, Rictus launched at one of the Wives attempting to rape her. He was quickly stopped by Immortan Joe and thrown out of the Bio Dome. Because of Rictus' aggression towards the woman, Immortan Joe assigned Furiosa to protect The Five Wives.[1] During the events of Fury Road, Rictus joins his father's war party in pursuit of Imperator Furiosa, Max Rockatansky, and the war rig. He is killed when Nux crashes the war rig in the canyon.

Appearance and Personality

Rictus is a massive man, standing nearly 7' tall. He is of large, muscular build and has a shaved head. Like his father, he breathes clean air, and wears an apparatus on his back (fashioned from engine air filters) connected to a nasal cannula. Unlike his father, he does not cover himself in white makeup, and wears armor only on his lower half. On various parts of his armor can be seen baby doll heads of varying sizes instead of the standard Immortan Joe logo like all of Joe's other forces. The baby heads can also be seen on the bumper of Rictus' vehicle, indicating Rictus' child-like nature.[2]

Though he has enormous physical strength, Rictus displays cognitive disabilities. His social behavior is entirely consistent with a prepubescent boy. Whereas his brother Corpus is physically weak, and intellectually strong, Rictus is the opposite: he is intellectually weak, but physically strong.





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