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Road wars are vehicular battles that take place on the desolate dusty post-apocalyptic roads of The Wasteland.


Lord Humungus' Marauders vs Pappagallo's Tribe

Often comprising of two belligerents, with one in pursuit of the other. The causes of road wars are numerous, though often are fought for acquisition of fuel, vengeance, or supremacy of a region.

Road Wars can be split into several categories: Hunts, Battles and Flights. Hunts are small-scale road wars usually between one individual and several other combatants and are meticulously planned; they take place on and off over a period of time. Battles take place between two groups of combatants who have a mutual desire to achieve a specific item, they are short and usually defuse once the item is acquired. Finally, Flights are large-scale road wars often between dozens of combatants; the motive of one group is to flee to a safe-haven, whilst the motive of the other is the destruction of the former. Flights can take between several minutes and several hours to reach conclusion.

Notable road wars

Max Rockatansky (known to some as "The Road Warrior") was a key combatant in a number of road wars that occurred preceding, and following, the Pox-eclipse.

In Mad Max

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  • The Flight for Tomorrow-Morrow Land

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