Main Force Patrol Pursuit Officer
Smith & Wesson Model 28 [1]
Portrayed By
Stephen Clark

Sarse was one of the MFP pursuit officers. He shared the MFP vehicle, the March Hare, with Scuttle. He was portrayed by Stephen Clark in Mad Max.


Following Nightrider's escape from custody in Sun City, the death of a MFP officer, and the theft of a Pursuit Special, the City's precinct sent both Sarse and Scuttle out to chase him down in The March Hare.

Following a long chase into Police Chief Fifi Macaffee's jurisdictive territory, two of his MFP officers joined the pursuit - Roop and Charlie. The chase ended for Sarse upon speeding into a residential area, where he avoided hitting an infant in the road, resulting in a collision with a phone box. This upturned The March Hare on its roof and ending his involvement in the chase.

According to the revised timeline presented in 2015 Mad Max prequel comic books, after the Apocalypse, he became a marauder along with Roop and Charlie. He was attacking The People Eater's tribe before he advised Roop and Charlie to flee with him when Joe Moore spotted him and his colleagues.


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