This ain't onebody's story, it's the story of us all; we got it mouth-to-mouth, so you got to listen it, and 'member, 'cause what you hears today you gotta tell the birthed tomorrow.

– Savannah Nix

Savannah Nix is the alpha female leader of a group of forgotten youths known as The Lost Tribe. She is portrayed by Helen Buday in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


Savannah knows little of the pre-apocalyptic world. What she does know was passed to her in oral tradition and represents a child's point of view. As an elder and leader of a Lost Tribe of children, she listens to her fellow tribesman Slake tell the story each night of how the tribe came to be in their oasis home.

One day while foraging she finds Max Rockatansky, near death after his exile from Bartertown. Believing that he is the prophesied airplane Captain Walker mentioned in the stories, she takes him back to the oasis. Max disappoints the tribe, saying that he is not their hero and that the world, Tomorrow-Morrow Land, of their stories no longer exists.

However, despite Max's hard truths, Savannah remains determined to find what lies beyond the oasis and leaves with several members of the tribe. They quickly encounter the harshness of the wastelands, presumably beyond their comfort zone, as they fight to survive a pit of quicksand. But "Captain Walker" in the form of Max Rockatansky, appears to save the day as he hauls them from the sand trap.

At this point the group is closer to Bartertown than they are the oasis. Max, with Savannah and the others' help, decide to rescue Master for he is the master mind they need to help re-establish civilization, to create the Tomorrow-Morrow Land of their dreams.

A few of them survive with Max's help and go on to establish a new tribe in the ruins of Sydney, with Savannah continuing the nightly "tells."

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