Leader of The Lost Tribe.
M1 Carbine Tribal Spear
The Tribe
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We're the waiting ones...

– Slake

Slake was the alpha male leader of a group of forgotten youths, known as The Lost Tribe who resided in a hidden oasis. He was portrayed by Tom Jennings in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


Slake, portrayed by Tom Jennings, is the biggest, strongest and oldest of the Lost Tribe, thus the alpha male. As alpha male he was automatically looked upon as leader and primary decision-maker, although it is implied that he took counsel from some of the others to include Savannah Nix, the alpha female.

Slake is the first to have direct communication with Max, whom they believe to be the mythical "savior" figure Captain Walker, come back to rescue them. He tells Max that they've "kept everything straight," that is the story of the events leading the tribe, whom he refers to as "the waiting ones," into the oasis.

After Max is told the legend of Captain Walker he tells the tribe that there isn't anything out there, "This Pox-Eclipse happened, and it's finished. It isn't there anymore." This eventually leads to dissension within the tribe between those who want to leave, led by Savannah, and those who want to stay lead by Slake. At this point Slake becomes a follower of Max and enforces his will when Savannah attempts to lead her tribe into the wastelands. However, while Max sleeps, Savannah and her tribe leave anyway. Max decides to go after them leaving the rest of the tribe in the hands of Slake once more.


Slake carries a tribal spear fashioned from a World War II era M1 carbine rifle. Despite being used in tribal life, it is still fully functioning.