Slit the War Boy

By my deeds I honour him, V8.

– Slit

Slit is a member of the War Boys in Immortan Joe's service. He is portrayed by Josh Helman and appears in Mad Max: Fury Road.


When Immortan Joe discovers his harem missing and Furiosa going off plan, he dispatches his War Boys. Slit grabs a wheel intending to drive Nux's pursuit vehicle but is stopped when Nux stands up to him and takes back the wheel.

During the harried chase of Furiosa's War Rig, Slit is knocked off Nux's car before it crashes in the sandstorm.

He later re-joins the War Boys and is given access to Max Rockatansky's re-purposed Interceptor now dubbed "Razor Cola". During the final chase, he is killed when Razor Cola is caught between The War Rig and The People Eater's limousine, destroying it and engulfing Slit in an explosion.

Appearance and personality

Slit is the most extreme War Boy. His wounds are self-inflicted and he constantly opens them and repairs them with staples. This practice earned him the name 'Slit'.[1] His torso is etched with mechanical parts and a variety of other markings. His right ear and right eye are disfigured , possibly by a tumor. His forehead bears a grey marking which shows his higher rank among the War Boys. He carries a wrist blade on a gauntlet, a fingerless glove on his right hand and piece of cloth on his neck, possibly a bandana to protect his face from dust.

Slit was a close friend of Nux and served as his vehicle's lancer, until the two inevitably became enemies after coming to fight for opposing factions. A spirited and devoted War Boy, Slit would often strive for complete excellence on the battlefield and even going as far as to mock other War Boys (such as Morsov) if they failed to meet his standard of loyalty, performance, sacrifice, or all three. Above all else, he was reverent believer in the Cult of the V8 and a devout follower of Immortan Joe; always trying to keep others out of his favor by attempting to outdo them, deeming them "mediocre" or "traitors" as he saw fit, and going to excessive lengths to ensure his abilities never went unnoticed when in battle.


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