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Starbuck was a member of Toecutter's motorcycle gang. He was portrayed by Nic Gazzana.


Starbuck takes a mostly background seat in Toecutter's gang. He is shown to accompany Bubba, Toecutter, Johnny and Diabando in retrieving the body of The Nightrider. He is also shown to be one of the more "rough" members of his gang. Additionally, he is also one of the first gang members to see Jessie Rockatansky, along with Mudguts. In the final chase between Max Rockatansky and Toecutter's gang, Starbuck is knocked off of his bike on the bridge and is hit in the head with a tire. His fate is left uncertain.


Nic Gazzana, who played Starbuck, also wrote and produced two musical pieces featured in the film, "Jessies Theme" played by Jessie on saxophone and "Licorice Road" at the Sugartown Cabaret.