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Need UPDATES to the Tell

The Tell

News needs to be updated!

MM Fury Road just crossed the 300 mil mark. Article here Fury Road Crosses $300 mil mark

Bodes well for sequels.

Also, recently in the news George Miller announced a tentaive title for the first sequel as Mad Max: The Wasteland.

Fury Road' Sequel To Be Titled 'Mad Max: The Wasteland'

Why isn't video game information canon? The stories were created by George Miller himself and it shows both the death of Scabrous Scrotus and why Max has the car he does/is being chased by War Boys at the beginning of fury road, neither of which are explained anywhere else in the movies or comics.


That is not true. The video game was not created nor supervised by George Miller and/or any of the writers that created the movie and comic books. The game only looks similar to Fury Road because the concept of the video game tied in with Fury Road circa 2009 was taken away from Miller after the 2nd delay in filming. Warner Brothers took over and gave the game to Avalanche Studios with a bunch of reference materials and unfinished, basic storylines and the games studio did whatever they wanted. There was no supervision over that from none of the writers. I've talked with Mark Sexton about this and he specifically said the game is not canon (he didn't even play the game). So no - the game is not canon and please do not mix any video game information with movies and comic books.