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The Golden Youth is a member of Lord Humungus ' Marauders, and is Wez's companion. He is portrayed by Jerry O'Sullivan in Mad Max 2.  


The Golden Youth and Wez

The Golden Youth was first seen with Wez and remained alongside him often.  He was ultimately killed by the Feral Kid. When the kid's sharpened boomerang was thrown, Wez managed to dodge the attack, but the Golden Youth did not. He was struck directly in the forehead, and died instantaneously from the trauma. His death greatly enraged Wez.


The Golden Youth is a passive and contemplative character and does not engage in the war between Lord Humungus and Pappagallo's tribe. It is likely that he is Wez's sexual partner, however, whether he consents is undetermined - he may well be a sex slave captured by Humungus' forces, though he is seen holding a pickaxe weapon in a few scenes.


  • Originally The Golden Youth was supposed to be female. The writers decided to change the sex of the character (much like The Warrior Woman whom was originally written as a male) to show how gender roles became interchangeable in Mad Max universe.[1]
  • According to Vernon Wells, the Golden Youth wasn't actually a sexual partner. Wells says there was a deleted scene which explained that Wez found Golden Youth as a child during a raid on a farmhouse, convinced the other raiders to spare him and became a sort of surrogate father to him. However, there is no evidence of this aside from this statement.