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The soil, we had to get out. We had no water. The water was filth. It was poison, it was sour. And then the crows came. We couldn't grow anything.

– The Many Mothers

The Green Place, also called the "Place of Abundance," was once a fertile area of The Wasteland. It appeared in the prequel film Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, in which viewers are shown the Green Place when it was still green. There, young Furiosa is snatched from the peaceful land by Toe Jam and his crew .[1] It also appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road after it had “soured.”


The Green Place was once inhabited by the Vuvalini of Many Mothers. It was capable of producing crops and maintaining a population of settlers, and with various plants and trees, as well as animals like Horses and Parrots. However, at some point the soil became contaminated. Vegetation stopped growing and the Green Place was plagued with Crows. The Vuvalini moved on once they knew the area was incapable of supporting a harvest.

Mad Max: Fury Road[]

The Green Place

In the distance the War rig can be seen traveling showing a stilt walking man in the fore ground.

The Green Place, now a fetid and lamented bog filled with mud and dead trees, is currently inhabited by stilt-walking settlers who use long stilts to walk across the bog. They live in treehouses made of wood and feathers high above the poisonous swamp.

Further on was the oily bog. Once there had been life and color here. Once it had been home. Now it was a poisoned swamp of death. Only the sky fishermen remained, casting their lines to lure the rare morsel of flying meat.

– The Many Mothers

Furiosa and her companions on the War Rig get stuck in this quagmire as they attempt to make their escape from Immortan Joe and the Bullet Farmer. By this time, Furiosa doesn’t even recognize it anymore.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga[]

Furiosa Green Place Apple

Young Furiosa in the Green Place, clutching a peach.

The narrative opens at the Green Place. There, the audience sees a young Furiosa and Valkyrie in this garden oasis, harvesting peaches when they stumble upon Toe Jam and his crew who are in the process of killing a horse for its meat.

Toe Jam quickly discovers Furiosa and attempts to kidnap her. Furiosa and Valkyrie call for help and sound an alarm with a whistle. This alarm alerts the others, particularly Mary Jabassa, her mother, of the danger.

Mary Jabassa leaps on a horse with a Vuvulini General to intercede, but it’s too late -- Furiosa is snatched and the chase begins. Mary succeeds in tracking Toe Jam and the others back to the encampment of their leader, Dementus. Once there, Mary reclaims Furiosa and escapes, but is soon pursued by Dementus and his Biker Horde. She tells Furiosa to leave her and make their for the Green Place and giving her a peach seed. She tells her to follow the stars. Furiosa, however, cannot bear to leave her and, in turning back, is recaptured. Dementus then forces her to watch as Mary is tied to a crucifix-like object and tortured to death by the Octoboss?

Furiosa is then made a prisoner by Dementus before being traded away to Immortan Joe, but never forgets her dream of one day returning to the Green Place. While imprisoned with a History Man she uses his tattoo pen to tattoo the stars as a map on her left arm so that she won't forget the way home.

2024 FAMMS PJ & PF

Years later, after the prototype War Rig has been assembled, she inadvertently helps Praetorian Jack to defend an attack against the War Rig, she attempts to commandeer it to go there, but is easily fought-off by him. He then offers to teach her all the skills she will need to survive and they develop a rare, but poignant bond.

Then, some time later, after losing the War Rig to Dementus' forces at the besieged Bullet Farm, the two of them attempt to escape to the Green Place together in Furiosa's Valiant, but are once again pursued by Dementus and his crew. In the ensuing battle, Praetorian Jack is killed and Furiosa loses her left arm, thus losing her star map to the Green Place.


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