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In the distance the War rig can be seen traveling showing a stilt walking man in the fore ground.

The Green Place was a fertile area of The Wasteland. It appears in Mad Max: Fury Road.

"Further on was the oily bog. Once there had been life and colour here. Once it had been home. Now it was a poisoned swamp of death. Only the sky fishermen remained, casting their lines to lure the rare morsel of flying meat."


The Green Place was once inhabited by the Vuvalini of Many Mothers. It was capable of growing crops and maintaining a population of settlers. However, at some point the soil became contaminated. Vegetation stopped growing and the Green Place was plagued with crows. The Vuvalini moved on once they knew the area was incapable of supporting a harvest.

The Green Place, now a fetid and lamented bog filled with mud and dead trees, is currently inhabited by stilt-walking settlers who use long stilts to walk across the bog. They live in tree houses made of wood and feathers high above the poisonous swamp.


The soil, we had to get out. We had no water. The water was filth. It was poison, it was sour. And then the crows came. We couldn't grow anything.

– The Many Mothers